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Breaking: Trump accuses CIA director of leaking bombshell Russia memo

Republican president-elect Donald Trump continued his war on the CIA today by accusing CIA Director John Brennan of being the person who leaked the infamous Russia memo to the press, or at the very least leaking the news that a summary of the memo was included in the President’s recent classified daily briefing.

In a Tweet post just half an hour ago, Trump blasted Brennan for telling Fox News earlier today that Trump “doesn’t fully understand” what’s going on with Russia. Trump then added: “Was this the leaker of Fake News?”

It is assumed Trump means the memo written by a former MI6 agent who detailed claims that the Russians have collected incriminating evidence on Trump, and that the Russians were secretly working with members of the the Trump campaign before the election.

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Of course, the memo itself isn’t classified, as it was written by a civilian on a private contract, so Brennan couldn’t have “leaked” anything. It’s not a government document, and it’s been all over Washington for months. Having said that, a summary of the memo was in the President’s Daily Briefing, a highly-classified document. Trump appears to be claiming that Brennan leaked news of the fact that the memo was mentioned in the PDB, which is a more serious claim. Still unsubstantiated by nothing more than Donald Trump’s personal pique.

Trump’s groundless accusation against CIA Director Brennan comes just days after the president-elect compared the CIA, twice, to Nazis. First by tweet, then at a press conference.

Here’s Trump’s tweet, with some background from the NYT:


And here is Trump explaining the tweet in his press conference:

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CIA Director Brennan is career CIA, having spent 25 years at the agency.

Interestingly, Trump also attacked Saturday Night Live today for last night’s brutal depiction of Donald Trump’s press conference.

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Here’s a portion of the SNL skit that Trump was so upset about:

Donald Trump is willing to take American patriots who have given their lives to this country, and throw them under the Russian bus to assuage his own bruised ego. But Trump’s actions are far worse than simply denigrating America’s intelligence community and its brave agents who have risked and given their lives for this country. Donald Trump is trying to destroy America from the inside. Like a foreign infiltrator, Trump is taking down our institutions one by one. From the arts to our spy agencies, he’s trying to dissemble the very fabric of our culture and our government.

Donald Trump is a national embarrassment. And he’s quickly sinking his own presidency before it’s even started.

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