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Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager, touts $125 million raised in 3rd quarter

President Trump’s campaign said Tuesday it raised a whopping $ 125 million with the Republican National Committee and authorized fundraising committees in the third quarter of this year.

The campaign said the trio of entities combine for $ 158 million in cash on hand.

“President Trump’s campaign is a juggernaut on an unstoppable path to victory in November 2020,” campaign manager Brad Parscale said. “The president’s record of accomplishment is generating tremendous enthusiasm and the Democrats’ reckless, illegitimate, partisan impeachment farce has his supporters even more fired up. The campaign and our partnership with the RNC have never been stronger.”

The campaign said it received over 1 million individual donations during the third quarter, of which 98 percent were $ 200 or less, averaging at $ 44.50.

Mr. Trump is waiting to see who he’ll face in the general election, presuming he stiff-arms a trio of minor primary foes and an impeachment inquiry led by House Democrats.

Democratic frontrunners in the 2020 primary raised about $ 10 million to $ 25 million each during the third quarter.

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Source: www.washingtontimes.com stories: Politics

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