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Bombshell: White House finds 26m will lose coverage under TrumpCare

Politico has gotten its hands on a copy of an internal White House study of the Republican “Repeal and Replace” health care plan.

According to the White House analysis, 26 million people will lose coverage under TrumpCare.

That compares to the 24 million estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.

The White House and Republicans in Congress dismissed the CBO estimate as unreliable, when in fact, CBO’s estimate lines up pretty closely with the White House’s own estimate.

More from the White House document:

  • 17 million will lose Medicaid coverage;
  • 6 million will lose coverage on the individual market; and
  • A remarkable 3 million will lose coverage in employer-based plans.

This is a disaster for both Trump and the Republicans in Congress. TrumpCare/RyanCare was already on life support. Republicans in Congress have been abandoning the plan, either because they found it too conservative or too liberal. But now with the White House’s own assessment finding that 26 million people will lose coverage, including people in employer-based plans, it’s unclear what Republicans will do now.

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