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Boat Nazis Are Ski Nazis Now, Do INCREDIBLE JOB Spending Donors’ Money On Sweet Vacay

See what happens, Larry?! See what happens when you hate a stranger in the Alps?! This is what happens! This is what happens when you feed a stoner scrambled eggs!

Last weekend, about 100 “far-right anti-immigrant activists” — let’s be clear here, they’re fucking Nazis — held a great big demonstration near a border crossing between France and Italy at Col de l’Echelle, in the French Alps. The ski-nazis from the group “Generation Identity” (also “Defend Europe,” depending on which Twitter account they’re using at any moment) set up some orange plastic snow fencing as a symbolic “border wall” and unveiled a huge banner reading “CLOSED BORDER: YOU WILL NOT MAKE EUROPE HOME! NO WAY! BACK TO YOUR HOMELAND!” They set up a camp in the snow and went home the next day. AFP, citing local officials, reports several left that evening — probably because they were just snowflakes who couldn’t handle the snow. Le Monde reports that the whole “occupation” lasted a whopping 14 hours.

Despite the lack of any real effect on European refugee policy, the little ski-Nazis’ demonstration has made for big news on far right social media, and it was enough to make the folks at Dead Breitbart’s Home for Making White People Fill Their Shittin’ Pants very, very happy:

Breitbart headline: France to Increase Border Security After Identitarians Use Helicopters, Trucks in Alps ‘Defend Europe’ Action

Helicopters and trucks! Increased border security! Looks like the brave “Identitarians” — you know, “European” identity, nudge-nudge — must have pulled off a huge victory! Breitbart sure made it sound like France had been convinced to step up border patrols to keep those nasty violent refugees from flooding across the border:

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has announced an increase in border officers on the Italian border after the Identitarian “Defend Europe” mission launched a successful symbolic border control action to highlight illegal migration into France.

Of course, that take on what France actually did depends entirely on English-speaking readers not clicking the story’s link to Le Monde and neither understanding French nor clicking “translate” in Google Chrome. If they did that, they’d see that Gerard Collomb had dispatched

reinforcements of police and gendarmerie, to “ensure absolute respect for border control”. It is also to prevent possible clashes between activists in Briançon. [Google translation — Dok Z]

So the additional law enforcement was there to keep an eye on the Ski Nazis and make sure they didn’t take any vigilante actions against migrants or get into any fights with anti-fascist demonstrators who also showed up. HUGE WIN! MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN! Still, it may be impressive that the organized racists managed to scrape up what they said was 30,000 Euros so they could put temporary Mylar signs on a couple of rented helicopters and matching rented Toyota trucks, and make a few flags and banners, as this exciting Twitter video demonstrates:

And they were absolutely right — during the 14 hours the Ski Nazis were hanging around, not a single refugee crossed the border. Instead, almost as soon as they left, on Sunday, a group of pro-immigrant activists helped about 30 asylum-seekers cross the border via the Montgenevre Pass, another pass not far from where the rightwing demonstrators shot their very impressive propaganda video. Six of the roughly 100 activists were arrested and charged with “helping illegal immigrants enter national territory.” The refugees, however, made their way to a French migrant aid center in the nearby town of Briançon, where all those cops had been sent to keep the peace. HUGE VICTORY for the rightwing crazies again, huh?

This certainly isn’t the first splashy but ineffectual effort to end migration — or at least con rightwing donors into sending money — by the highly dedicated dipshits of Defend Europe/Generation Identity. In August of last year, the same crowd of rightwing YouTubers got laughed at worldwide when their leased Hitlerboat broke down off the coast of Libya and ended up getting rescued by another ship, which happened to belong to a group that spends most of its time rescuing migrants at sea. One of the YouTube “activists” from that fiasco, Brittany Pettibone, scored a YouTube interview with the leader of the Ski Nazis, one hell of a reporting coup since they’re all part of the same crowd of racist mediafuckers.

So far, outside of Breitbart having whitegasms about what a huge victory this was, American media have mostly ignored the triumphant restoration of border safety in France; maybe Tucker Carlson could weep bitter tears about the suppression of free speech if the sad racist crew is denied entry to the UK again.

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[Dead Breitbart / AFP / Le Monde / AFP/ Hat Tip to Alert Wonkette Operative “BPM”]

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