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Biden will not visit Kenosha on Monday

Joe Biden is not expected to visit Kenosha, Wis. on Monday, despite mounting pressure following Donald Trump’s announcement over the weekend that he planned to go there Tuesday.

Two sources with knowledge of the former vice president’s travel discussions say that while Biden is expected to travel, he will steer clear of the pivotal Midwestern battleground state on Monday. He is expected to address the rising tensions stemming from the unrest in Portland and Kenosha.


The thinking, according to these people, is that Trump’s trip to Kenosha could backfire on the president. The Biden campaign is ramping up its messaging that the unrest in the city and elsewhere is an outgrowth of the president’s rhetoric that inflames racial tensions.

Trump announced a trip to Kenosha as he attempted to claim credit for calm on the streets of Kenosha after he made a call to bring in the National Guard.

“Success: Since the National Guard moved into Kenosha, Wisconsin, two days ago, there has been NO FURTHER VIOLENCE, not even a small problem,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “When legally asked to help by local authorities, the Federal Government will act and quickly succeed. Are you listening Portland?”

However, before Trump made that call, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers had already sent some National Guard troops to the city and then increased the deployment.

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