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Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t exactly getting what they were hoping for out of the DNC

In short, the Democratic Party hadn’t shone as large a spotlight on its deficiencies in decades. And its Unity Reform Commission, which had a majority of members appointed by the Clinton campaign and DNC Chair Tom Perez, put forth a slate of reforms that validated the cultural and structural grievances raised by the Sanders team. The process and path to ratification, nonetheless, is slower than the Berniecrats like.

“Let me tell you where we are in this process,” said James Roosevelt, Jr., who was a member of the Reform Commission and co-chairs the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.

“If you have the Unity Reform Commission report, that is the place it starts,” he said. “By the terms of the convention resolution, that report then comes to the Rules and Bylaws Committee. The RBC will decide what portions of the recommendations, all or various portions, it feels should be recommended to the full DNC. If the RBC does not recommend the provisions of the Unity Reform Commission in total, the URC then gets that back before it goes to the full DNC and they can request that the whole thing go as a package to the full DNC, to be considered simultaneously with the recommendations from the RBC.”

Starting in late January, the Rules and Bylaws Committee has been meeting to go through the reform proposals, Roosevelt said, saying this is ongoing work and will not be finished before the full DNC next meets in early March.

“Two weekends ago, we had two days — one full day and one partial day — where we presented the Unity Reform Commission report to the full RBC, because out of the 32 or so members on the RBC, only about six are on the URC,” he said. “We had the chair, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and the vice chair, Larry Cohen, from Our Revolution, there all day for the full day. And Jen there for the partial day, answering questions about ‘Why did you recommend this?’ ‘What about that?’ ‘How did you think this would work?’ and so on. So that’s what we have done so far, which is educate the committee about what the URC recommended.”

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