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Banana republic caves in

Ecuador admits cutting Julian Assange's internet access over impact of leaks on US election

Ecuador's move aims to avoid interfering in the US election? Ha! What a riot! Smells of the Economic Hit-man scenario all over again.

Is it just me, or doesn't this act come across as a bit cowardly, and a sign of fear both from Ecuador and the US, but particularly the latter? Ecuador has hosted Assange for years, and they're shutting him down JUST NOW, as he starts to unveil some sensitive stuff about the inner dealings of the political establishment in Washington? Because they have principles, which dictate them "not to interfere in the elections of foreign countries"? Please. Don't tell me this wasn't done under pressure from the current US administration.

Whether Assange's Wikileaks have strayed off their initial purpose of being genuine whistleblowers who used to care about the truth, and have now become a tool for foreign interests (Putin's, of all people, in this case) – it's kind of curious how Russia is being accused of interfering in the election of a sovereign country via Wikileaks, and yet the Clinton Foundation of 3 billion dollars donated by many national and FOREIGN interest groups is NOT interfering in the election of said "sovereign" nation – especially if said foundation was intended to be Hillary's "insurance" for getting the presidency.

Look, I hate the very idea of Trump in the Oval Office in my guts, as much as the next foreigner does. And I'm far from the thought that America would be better off with the Bigger Among The Two Evils that it has been presented with – and yet, Putin-encouraged or not, Assange's assessment of Clinton's cabal does have some merit. It's also curious how some people loved (or at least tolerated) Wikileaks when it embarrassed the Bush administration, but embarrassing Obama and Clinton must be stopped with the full power of the US government, its diplomatic machine being employed to pressure foreign countries into shutting out inconvenient mouths that they happen to host.

Journalism used to be about uncovering facts. Now journalism is sleazy enough to actually go after the guys who dig them up.

Source: Talk politics.

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