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Australia Tightens Airport Security, Saying Police Foiled Bomb Plot

The raids were carried out by the Australian Federal Police, the New South Wales state police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organization, the country’s main domestic intelligence agency.

Mr. Colvin said little was known about the plot’s specifics, including the location and timing of the potential attack.

“The operation is continuing,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, adding that domestic and international travelers in Australia should expect extra scrutiny at airports.

The additional security measures — “some of the measures will be obvious to the public, some will not be,” Mr. Turnbull said — come as Australia is in the midst of a security overhaul that involves unifying counterterrorism, intelligence and immigration and border enforcement under a single government minister, Peter Dutton.

Mr. Turnbull said people should be vigilant but not afraid.

“The threat of terrorism is very real,” he said, while adding that “those traveling should go about their business with confidence.”

Source: NYT > World

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