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Asa Hutchinson: Republicans must continue to try and reform health care

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Wednesday that Republicans need to continue down their path of health care reform.

“It’s not sufficient to say we’re going to wash our hands of this. We’ve got to engage in it,” Mr. Hutchinson, a Republican governor, said on CNN.

“They need to continue down their path of reform and not give up,” he said. “The people always hold political leaders accountable so we have a responsibly when we see problems to address them.”

Mr. Hutchinson said the Senate’s decision to repeal, but hold off on replacing, is problematic since the issues with the law will remain in place while Republicans try to come together on a plan.

“We’ve been pushing that they listen to the governors because we’ve got the greatest level of experience of what’s happening in our states. We’ve encouraged them for a number of months to make changes in Senate bill,” he said.

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