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Another day, another attack

What we know so far about the London attack:

7 people were killed and 48 injured and taken to hospitals.
21 victims remain in critical condition.
8 officers fired 50 rounds at the attackers.
The attackers drove a van into pedestrians before stabbing people.
The police shot dead a total of three suspects after the London attack. Their response to the crisis has been called “a victory”.
The Prime Minister said there was "too much tolerance of extremism" in the UK.
Trump responded with his own attack on the London mayor for being "too soft" on terrorism.

As expected, people are putting the British flag on their Facebook walls, saying things to the effect of, "I am London". Meanwhile, Britons are heading back to Ariana Grande concert in defiance of terror. An attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, that included a huge bomb explosion close to the highly protected diplomatic quarters, went largely unnoticed. Again, as expected.

And the debate about immigrants, refugees, and the radicalization of marginalized minorities continues. Trump, of course, isn't helping. And Europe, of course, has no idea how to deal with the problem.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Source: Talk politics.

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