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Another constituent claims to have been silenced by Sen. Tom Cotton

Once again a report has surfaced that the office of Sen. Tom Cotton, R.-Ark., has threatened to send a constituent a cease-and-desist letter for using an expletive.

On the politics podcast The Sexy Pundits, guest Don Ernst, of Little Rock, Arkansas, shared the following story. Ernst claims that he called Sen. Cotton’s Washington office, asking for Cotton’s response to the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and how Cotton would combat the opioid crisis in the event that the Affordable Care Act were repealed. Ernst was interested because his son suffered from an opioid addiction, as he said on the podcast.

“The role of Obamacare and our son’s health was essential,” Ernst explained on-air.

According to Ernst, he waited two weeks after his first phone call to Cotton’s office, and never heard back.

“I called seventeen times” over a six month period from January to June, Ernst said. “On the eighteenth time — and I have regrets about this to some degree — I said ‘you know it’s bulls**t that I can’t get a response to these, I think, quite clear questions.’”

Ernst said that when he said the word “bulls**t,” a young woman who answered immediately hung up the phone. He called back and asked to speak with someone “of more authority.” He was then told that his name had been submitted to the U.S. Capitol Police and he should expect to receive a cease and desist letter. Ernst said he apologized.

“They indicated to me that this letter had been sent on June the 9th,” he said.

Ernst said when he was told that the letter had been sent he “kind of freaked out.”

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