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Another Conspiracy Against Pres. Trump

Originally posted by debunkgpolitics at Another Conspiracy Against Pres. Trump

Democrats and the liberal media are not the opponents of Pres. Trump. Some of his most ardent opponents are members of the Established GOP. The latter seek to destroy him by not repealing the ACA, which would make Pres. Trump look like another failed politician who could not keep a promise. Republicans had seven years to develop a better national healthcare plan or at least since January 2017 when their leader was sworn into office. Unfortunately, all they could do was offer a similar version of the ACA. They knew Pres. Trump intended to repeal the ACA but have yet to support him in that respect. Instead, they claim to be helpless despite controlling both chambers of Congress. There are two explanations. One, they do not know how to better replace the ACA, which makes them look hapless and unfit for their offices. Two, they are deliberately trying to sabotage their leader, for he makes them work. The latter conclusion make more sense, because, given their level of intelligence and expertise, they could have had a better plan in less than one year.

Source: Talk politics.

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