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An Open Letter To Idiot InfoWars Reporter ‘Kit Daniels,’ Who Is A Vile Maggot

Hey Kit. That’s a good name: Kit. It’s like you’re an old-timey Western hero. Very cool. Anyway, I wanted to talk you about this article on the front page of InfoWars (pictured above) which was written by you, a loathsome degenerate.

In your article, you claimed to have a scoop that the Florida shooter was a registered Democrat. You cited a voter database entry you found:

But not only is the name not spelled right (the shooter is named Nikolas), but the sheriff said in the initial press conference that the shooter was born in September 1998. The voter registration you circulated is for someone born in May 1998. See?

But you were only getting started. As reported in your breathless headline, you claimed to have photographic proof of the shooter dressed as a communist:

But that’s not the shooter. That’s a young communist activist named Marcel Fontaine:

And this morning you deleted the photo, but now it doesn’t matter. Thousands upon thousands of InfoWars readers now believe that is a photo of the shooter. And they added some interesting theories of their own:

(By the way, if any of my communist friends know Marcel, please pass along the word that my partners and I would happily take on a defamation suit against InfoWars, and I’m sure there are plenty of others who would as well.)

But you weren’t done, were you Kit? Nope. You posted another frantic headline:

Except this is the “reference to Islam” on his Instagram account. You know, the one with the racial slur:

How many people saw that headline, Kit? A hundred thousand? A quarter million?

But you just kept going.

Really Kit? Really? You see a lot of ISIS fighters wearing US Army beanies?

Or what about this garb, Kit? You tend to see a lot of #MAGA hats on the outskirts of Raqqa? You ever seen that, Kit, you rancid lowlife?

But I guess these pictures are the kind of thing you’d only see from actual journalists who confirm social media sources, rather than some fetid hack posting the latest updates from a “Japanese cartoon image board.”

And how did they confirm his social media accounts and ensure what they published is accurate? By doing actual journalism. Like interviewing his classmates:

But you wouldn’t know anything about actual journalism, would you Kit?

Oh, and what’s this?

I wonder what corner of the internet he picked up these attitudes? We may never know …

OH HEY, Kit, isn’t this you? The angry little weasel-looking dude in the oversized blazer ranting about Antifa? That’s you, right, Kit?

Here’s the thing, Kit. It’s not so much that you’re a lazy con artist. I don’t really mind that. People lie and steal and the trains keep running. But what you do is psychologically dangerous for the country. Just looking at the comments on your article, it’s hard to ignore the flotsam of insanity you leave in your dumbass wake:

All while InfoWars gladly cultivates the paranoia of thinking the murder of 17 people was orchestrated by a shadow government:

And nobody used to care, because only a couple of years ago the Venn diagram of InfoWars readers and people who believe reptile aliens control the world was pretty much a circle. But now Becky Deplorable and Dale the NASCAR Dad are paying attention to your deranged dog and pony show:

Not to mention the impressionable 19-year-old kids in the grips of alienation that you aggressively nourish.

It’s not even about politics at this point. It’s about sowing a fundamental mistrust of reality stoked by constant paranoia.

Even you, a complete and utter maggot, must understand that feeding this insanity is not OK.

So Kit, I’m publicly asking you to stop. Quit InfoWars (assuming it’s an actual job and they pay you). Delete your social media. Disappear from public life completely. There are plenty of ways an enthusiastically dishonest creep can provide for himself. Telemarketing scams. Reverse mortgage fraud. You’ll think of others.

All I am saying, Kit, is that there is no reason to burden your soul with the knowledge that you spent your life maliciously lying to multitudes of frightened malcontents while wrecking the national discourse all as part of a scheme to sell pills that turn you red.


Editor’s note: After this tweetstorm from Respectable Lawyer was published, but before it was turned into a Wonkette post, Kit Daniels followed up with a breathless report about a second shooter, because as we all know, after every mass shooting, there is always a [breathlessly full-of-shit follow up article on InfoWars about a] second shooter. What can we say? At least they’re consistent.

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