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Al Franken said Donald Trump can hit certain issues unlike other politicians

Sen. Al Franken said Monday that President Trump had a way of hitting certain issues in a way that a majority of Americans could agree.

“Every once in a while, he hit something — you know, when he said in South Carolina that George W. Bush lied us into the war. Remember how shocked everyone was that someone would say that in a Republican debate in South Carolina, a military state? Everyone said yeah,” Mr. Franken said on MSNBC referencing Mr. Trump’s performance on the campaign trail.

“They saw someone who was the opposite of Hillary. They saw someone who was going to tear everything apart. They were so sick of establishment Democrats, or just the establishment. Remember, he beat 16 other Republicans who seemed like pretty conventional politicians,” the senator said.

The Minnesota Democrat also acknowledged Mr. Trump’s tweet earlier Monday that said former President Barack Obama didn’t do much about Russia’s meddling because he assumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win.

“I do think they thought Hillary would win, and they didn’t want to appear putting thumb on the scale, and that’s why they didn’t do more. I wish they had obviously,” Mr. Franken said.

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