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After Arduous Journey, Migrants See Stubborn Obstacle: Trump

This month, the Trump administration announced a new push for legislation that would make it more difficult to obtain refuge. Mr. Trump has said that overly permissive laws have drawn a flood of migrants to the nation’s borders.

The president’s aggressive approach to the caravan appears to have worn down the resolve of some members.

Several people in Tijuana, even after having traveled so far, wondered aloud about the wisdom of applying for asylum, considering the possibility that they could be detained and separated from their children for a prolonged period while their cases were pending.

Fathers were considering letting their families go on without them in the belief that the American authorities might look more kindly on women and children than on men.

“I’m so scared,” said Daisy Guardado, 40, who fled Honduras with her three daughters after a gang attacked one and killed her brother. Her three sons remain in Honduras, in hiding.

Lawyers have told her she has a solid case for protection in the United States, yet Mr. Trump’s statements have rattled her. “I don’t know what to do,” she said.

Still, most planned to press on with their asylum cases.

Ignacio Villatoro, José Villatoro’s father, said he thought his family had a persuasive case. Facing a gang’s extortion threats, the family had closed their bakery in Coatepeque, Guatemala, and fled.

“If Trump allows his heart to open,” Mr. Villatoro said, “my wife and kids will have a chance to cross.”

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