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A taste of what is to come… oh, and frog legs

"Trump's lavish dinner with Mitt will likely be played for laughs for a few days, but it is a symbol of something very serious — and very wrong — with Trump's transition from alleged billionaire to 45th president, who was elected by the disenfranchised, disadvantaged and forgotten Americans who genuinely struggle. Yet when Trump wasn't downing frog legs with his multi-millionaire new pal, Romney, he has been larding his cabinet with super-wealthy Republican loyalists who have completely ignored the needs of the very people who elected Trump."


Well, here's a saying that I've heard around here. Not the one eating the pie is the crazy one, it's the ones who gave'm the pie in the first place.

You guys chose this guy. Well, a minority of you that was significant enough to make him your leader. Now you don't get to whine about it when he screws you over. Or maybe you do? Because that's what he'll do. He'll fuck you up big time. He may seem to believe that a country is run like a business, which may be a reason why he's filling his cabinet with fellow wealthy folks. Or maybe it's really because these are the only sort of guys he can trust, I don't know which is more valid. Or maybe it's just that he's part of an oligarchy that he's now bringing into position to be calling the shots from now on (not that they haven't been running the party for, like, forever – but now they'll be doing it openly anyway).

Point is, if ordinary "real Americans" from the small rural areas of core America who largely propped this guy up into power are really expecting him to stand up for them and defend their interests because he promised so – they're in for quite a cold shower in the next four to eight years. He was brought by hopes for changing things and snatching America out of the paws of the greedy detached elites – and when those hopes get dashed by the realization that no, the greedy detached elites are not only not going anywhere but they're getting even more entrenched into power with their champion at the helm… well, I'm seeing big, BIG trouble coming up at the horizon. Possibly political turmoil, and I'm not ruling out massive violence either. Perhaps the revolution that Bernie professed will have to turn ugly before things get really better and constructive. In a way though, that would be the catharsis that any society in trouble needs in order to cleanse itself and move on. And perhaps Trump's ascent, and that of all those frog-leg-munching gazillionaires around him by extension, is the painful, yet necessary catalyst that would precipitate this process.

Bottom-line: I get the feeling that something will snap, and soon. But maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

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