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A Surge of Migrants Crossing Into Quebec Tests Canada’s Welcome

Yet asylum seekers still believe they have a better chance in Canada. That impression has been bolstered by the polite treatment they receive once they cross the border.

“When you arrive, you’re not detained as a prisoner,” said Marjorie Villefranche, director of Maison d’Haiti, a Haitian community organization in Montreal.

Although they are formally arrested, the migrants get temporary papers, a bus pass and a monthly government stipend of up to 900 Canadian dollars (about $ 705), which can help pay rent while they wait for their refugee claim hearing.

The other day at Olympic Stadium, those hoping to get asylum talked about their painful journeys.

Ambali Motunrayo, 37, a Nigerian, said she had fled with her young daughter to escape her in-laws, who wanted the girl to undergo female circumcision.

Ahmed Iftikhar, 42, a political activist from Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, pointed to scars on his arm, saying Pakistani security agents repeatedly tortured him for his involvement in a political party that wants Kashmir to be an independent country. He fled to Brazil, then crossed in October with his wife and four children into the United States, where he was detained for more than a month, he said.

Afraid of the Trump administration’s attitude toward refugees, he said, the family crossed into Canada at Roxham Road in July.

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